Darlow Smithson Productions / Channel 4


Marking the end of an era in aviation, this documentary charted the rise and fall of the iconic aeroplane Concorde. Camouflage helped illustrate, in detail, the sequence of events surrounding the devastating crash of flight AF 4590 in 2000, which contributed to the plane’s withdrawal from service.

The team recreated the moment when the plane’s tyre split and the subsequent explosions, to illustrate one theory on how the crash occurred. They matched archive footage of Concorde and replaced this with a CGI prototype of the plane. A 3D environment of Paris airport was built and used as background plates for the reconstruction drama in the plane’s cockpit, setting the scene for the fateful event.

The biggest challenge for this production was the fluid dynamics process used to create the realistic inferno from the damaged engine & fuel tanks.

visual effects london concorde documentary visual effects image