Costa Concordia
Darlow Smithson Productions / Discovery Channel

Costa Concordia.

This investigative documentary on the sinking of the Costa Concordia was turned around in double quick time, before the story went cold and before rival documentaries hit the screens. However, a client like Discovery Channel meant compromising quality was not an option.

Camouflage used CGI to recreate the Cruise Liner and illustrate the moment of impact, simulating the rock ripping through the hull underwater in the dark. There were also a number of photo-real shots of the ship cruising at night and some with the lights failing as power generators were overcome with sea water.

To augment the photo-real shots, a number of stylised CGI explainers were created showing the ship’s course, location of damage and the progress of the ship flooding. All were used throughout the documentary to demonstrate how the disaster occurred and what happened in the terrifying aftermath.