Defining Fay
Orev Productions

Defining Fay.

Camouflage were approached to create the visual effects for a sci-fi short film, ‘Defining Fay’, which takes on the giant concept of commodifying a person’s subconscious. Involved from the outset, the team provided VFX supervision on location shoots, and subsequent set-extension and set- replacement in post-production.

These crucial shots, set in a corporate facility in the near-future, make up the climax of the film. The sequence replaced part of the filmed location with a hangar sized 3D set. The plates were match moved, and the environment designed and built in 3D, upon which the team could composite the actors, shot on green screen.

Further CGI was required to composite liquid effects filmed in a cloud tank, whilst medical style motion graphic elements were created and composited onto laptop screens in the film. The end result produced a genuinely chilling environment to complement the film’s central theme.