TSquared Films


Camouflage’s visual effects completed over 75 complex shots for this exciting Sci Fi feature film. Directed by Justin Trefgarne and produced by TSquared Films, this complex thriller looks into a dystopian future where time travel is made possible through the use of drugs, with horrific consequences.

There were two main areas of VFX involved in the production. The first, a 3D ‘heads-up display’ and gesture driven control desk were created and composited into the plates of the actor. These shots proved challenging as they were not filmed with this specific treatment in mind, and therefore without sufficient VFX supervision. Consequently, there were many hours of roto-scoping required to adapt these plates for this creative change in direction. The second area, a time travel effect. Characters had to ‘jump’ through time which involved them burning up with immense heat, shock waves, smoke and embers. There were also a considerable number of green screen shots, cityscapes and clean ups to be executed.