Saudi Horse Racing & Saudi Cup Titles
IMG / Charisma

Saudi Horse Racing & Saudi Cup Titles.

Designed and directed by Daryl Goodrich, this sequence set out to combine both the historical heritage and the future-looking aspects of Arabian culture, whilst the magnificence of thoroughbred horses was showcased.

An Arabian stallion appears from a spiralling sandstorm and soon follows a pair of powerful thoroughbreds. The sequence follows horse and jockeys as they race in super slo-mo, whilst images of ultra-modern Arabian city skylines materialise in the background.

The four horses and jockeys in the sequence were filmed using Phantom and RED cameras, whilst all of the twisters and sand storms were driven by a fluid dynamics system, allowing Camouflage complete flexibility and control over the look. 3D models were matched with slo-mo shots of the horses and riders, and used to emit the sand as they ran through the sequence.