World Table Tennis Titles 2020
This sequence was conceived & directed by Daryl Goodrich for the International Table Tennis Federation.

World Table Tennis Titles 2020

This sequence was conceived and directed by Daryl Goodrich for the International Table Tennis Federation. As this sequence was tendered following the start of the national lockdown back in April 2020, Camouflage were asked to include a ‘purely CGI’ option which did not involve filming. Camouflage presented an idea that was completely 3D – utilising 3D characters and motion capture data for the realistic player movements.

Characters were designed and environments assembled to reflect the exciting new World Table Tennis (WTT) brand. Camouflage commissioned their own using two of the top UK players supplied by the federation, given a lack of commercial Table Tennis motion capture data available. The movements were then selected to build a continuous rally for this fast-paced sequence.

All movements and bat positions were tweaked in fine detail with a WTT trainer, via Microsoft Teams, allowing final adjustments to be made in real-time within the 3D application. The entire sequence was produced remotely and across two time zones, with the client based in Singapore.